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 Film FrenzyThe Official Site the Unofficial HCHS Film Club


by Hinsdale Central High School

Webmaster: Mike Doose

founders: Rudy Altergott, Charlie Mohl, and Mike Doose


This website, created by Mike Doose, is intended as a base in which aspiring screenwriters, actors, or filmmakers can share their ideas through written work. If you are in need of several actors, editors, etc., this site will aid you in your search. Film Frenzy may also serve as a place for writers to render their works available to the public. If you have any questions or would like to submit material, please contact Mike Doose at Please take some time to enjoy the scripts written below, intended for your enjoyment.




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The Phantasm of Spencer Price (WIP)

         by Mike Doose




The Mindfog Complex Script (WIP)

         by Bill Moran with some idea input and editing from Mike Doose and Peter Elias


    Notes: This script is an example of what is called a WIP (work in progress), and it is by no means a complete or formal piece of work. The authors are currently revising the script with great attention to detail.


  Extra Material: Click Here to see the Cubs Tickets that would be used if we filmed it. Other Possibilities


Dead World Script  (Complete w/ a few typographical errors)

        by Charlie Mohl and Rudy Altergott



Project Kokoro Script

        by Bill Moran




If you have a script and that you would like to submit contact Mike Doose at

Other questions and comments can also be sent to the previously mentioned email address.


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