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by Hinsdale Central High School

founders: Rudy Altergott, Charlie Mohl, and Mike Doose

This website/club was created to allow people interested in the writing, directing, and producing of films, either short or long. This site would also be a good place for actors to look for films they might want to act in and give them a chance to contact the director for a role in the film.

So far there is only one screenplay submitted, but we hope to have more in the future,

This is a partial screenplay that is a work in progress:

Click Here for Script

(It would be pointless to click here unless you’ve read the script) Click Here to see the Cubs Tickets that would be used if we filmed it.

This WIP was written by Bill Moran and Mike Doose.


If you have a script and would like to submit it contact Mike Doose at

Other questions and comments can also be sent to the previous email address.



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